Russ Maddin Tying Class February 7


TAKE your streamer tying to the next level with Russ Maddin’s tying class on February 7.
If you missed a seat in our Kelly Galloup class this weekend for the Streamer Lovefest there’s no need to be totally bummed.
Russ is a buddy, contemporary of Kelly and fellow traveler among the group of Michigan guides who fuelled the modern streamer craze.
Maddin’s Circus Peanut has been a staple in big streamer boxes here and elsewhere and the Krakken has been and underground killer here as well.
And if you happen to follow Russ’ Facebook you will know he remains on the cutting edge of streamer design with new materials and flies.
Russ has been a guide in Michigan since 96 the first job he ever had was in a fly shop at the age of 13 he has 5 daughters A’lea, Alexis, Sydney, Riley, and Makenna and a lovely wife Jenni grew up in the Motor City of Detroit Michigan, has been in Traverse City MI for the past 15 plus years and has guided the famous Manistee River for at least that long.

Having heard plenty from Alex about Russ, mainly what an incredibly fishing cat Russ is, and what a character I can say you are not only going to learn an incredible amount but have a great time doing it. Russ is a very passionate guy and I’m extremely grateful to have him offer to do this class. Especially just 7 days after Kelly is in town on January 31.

We have one seat left for Kelly’s class, call the shop on 870 435 6166, to nail that one down and back up for the Maddin class.

Class Name: Tying Streamers with Russ Maddin

Class Date: Feb. 7, 2015 # of People in Class: 8

Times: 9a.m. – 1p.m. Instructor: Russ Maddin
Class Fee: $ 65

Class Description:
Materials are included. Bring your vise, tools & lamp (if needed).