New In Fly Tying For 2015


IT’s that time of year again, when we are starting to load up on fly tying materials as the 2015 starts moving.

And not all fly tying is streamer based, when you think about it there is only about 6 weeks and we will be drifting plenty of caddis deep.

Now I’ve regarded beads with molded eyeballs as something of a gimmick to catch fly tyers at a weak moment rather than adding to the realism of a pattern. But Martin Bawden from Flymen has spent a bunch of time developing the new Nymph Head Evolution heads, to be more realistic representations of the heads of caddis; mayflies and stoneflies. There is a size chart here, for matching to your hook sizes.

Right now we have the caddis and stonefly patterns in stock and you will see the mayfly heads in here in March.

On the streamer side we have brought in a whole bunch of the EP Greg Senyo Chromatic Brushes at the instigation of streamer guru Russ Maddin. Russ of course is leading a streamer tying class for us on February 7, including some streamer standards like the Circus Peanut and newer patterns, using these brushes.

WE have also expanded our range of Flymen Shanks, Fish Skull baitfish heads and more.

Come along to the Streamer Lovefest on January 31 for our celebration of streamer flies and fly fishing, hang out with a bunch of amazing streamer tiers including Kelly Galloup, Mike Schmidt and our own Alex Lafkas and Chad Johnson, eat some killer pork and have a bunch of fun