Chad Johnson’s Mega Minnow _ White River Tying Videos


As seen in the current issue of American Angler Jan/Feb 2015 in Jason Randall’s article, it’s CJ’s Mega Minnow.

The surge of popularity in articulated streamers, has left the humble single hook streamer somewhat forgotten. But a well tied single can hold predator attracting action, profile and are easy to cast all day.
CJ’s Mega Minnow is tied to sucker big, smart, brown trout who have seen plenty of articulated big meaty flies.
Chad, who is an Umpqua fly designed as well as our head guide, has built in plenty of triggers for predator species, most predominantly the oversize eyes, protected in a helmet of Clear Cure Goo.
The profile is tall and meaty, bucktail and hackles giving the illusion of bulk and living movement without the water absorbing weight.
The action comes from the lead wire on bend of hook: On the strip the rear weight ensures the fly swims flat through the water column and on the pause momentum will cause the fly to dart laterally. Fish it on a sinking line, tie it in your favorite color combo’s for any predator fish.

Jason has become a good buddy of the crew down here, and he has written about Chad’s streamer tactics before. The current issue is hitting stores now, and stay tuned for more classes in the shop with Jason this summer

Video from Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher http://www.theozarkflyfisher on the White River in Cotter, Arkansas. Produced by the incomparable Brian & Jennifer Wise from Fly Fishing The Ozarks


Material list:

Hook – Gamakatsu B10S Size 2
Thread –GSP 100, ginger
Eyes – Clear Cure Goo- Orange 10mm
Clear Cure Goo
Copper Flash
Gold Glitter
American Rooster Saddle- Olive
Olive & Ginger Bucktail
Golden Hackles
EP—Sparkle Brush- Root Beer
30/0 Lead Wire