Louisiana Redfish _ Bill Thorne Report

Bill Thorne with a Louisiana Red

A LITTLE light reading from Bill Thorne on the annual boys trip to the marshes of Louisiana.

There is nothing better after leaving the early winter chilly temps of Northern Arkansas than to feel the warm humid air of southwest Louisiana….unfortunately it has been two years since we’ve gotten to experience that. Not because we haven’t gone south, that’s not the trouble. Two years in a row we have traveled almost 700 mi due south just to be followed by a Polar Vortex. Last year was really bad with not only cold temps but high winds and a solid layer of clouds, for days and days.

This year we had a couple of days that were downright frigid, with much of the water actually blown out of the marsh ponds and white caps on the bay. We still managed to have fun catching speckled trout off the dock or anchored in the bayou. The rest of the trip was relatively cool with intermittent clouds but was manageable. We even had two days of barefoot weather and bright sun, the recipe for success.

Ben show how well the White River jon boats convert to the marshes

With two White River jon boats disguised as flats boats complete with casting and poling platforms, six of us hit the marsh with pent up excitement and high expectations. The lowlands of Louisiana did not disappoint. We all managed to break double digits (12.5 pound the largest Redfish with a 16 pound Black Drum on a fly) with many in the 8 – 9 pound range as well. We didn’t see the numbers this year but still managed to boat over 150 fish between us.

Hanging out on the dock at night proved to be quite entertaining as well with “Bayou Barry” putting on his normal show, catching a variety of fish, including a 40 plus pound Black Drum that he and Chad had to chase down with the boat before a successful catch and release.

Bill again with Bayou Barry on the platform

Despite some motor problems and the untimely cold front we all had a great time. I start missing the marsh as soon as we head north. It is just one of those trips, great fun with great friends….Maybe next year it will actually be warm and humid once again.