Christmas on the White



YOU know its funny, I comprehensively failed to recognise my Wisconsin buddy Jason Stewart out on the water Friday. My excuse is simply I was watching my own fisherman, and chatting to the boat driver for the other craft without paying too much attention to the passengers.

So when the following note arrived it was an “ow crap” moment. I hadn’t had a chance to see Jason in a good while. We first bumped into him in Wisconsin on our first Musky Hunt with Brad Bohen. Jason was doing some Musky guiding with Brad but he knew plenty about Arkansas fly fishing, since he attended the U of A in Fayetteville and visits relatives in Northwest Arkansas annually.

He and I had an entertaining day on the Norfork that winter, marked by some good streamer fish, a broken rod and a run in with a rather strange driver in Quarry Park.

ASo I felt bad not saying Gday _ but thanks for the report mate, that’s a very plump brown you got. Hope to see you next winter. And check out Jason’s website for his musky guide service.


With little power generation for casting large streamers over the X-mas holiday, I got a great chance to experience the new minimum flow.  We stayed at Rainbow Drive Resort, so wading down from Wildcat to our cabin was a no brainer.  People were non existent, and had it virtually all to myself for a couple days.  800 cfs is a much more pleasurable flow to fish than the previous minimum.  Swinging small streamers in the runs and stripping them in the calmer water seamed to be the ticket.  An olive wooly and a split shot ended up being my go to pattern.  Even picked up a few fish on dries over the holiday.  With the old min. flows I fished a lot of tiny midges and bobbers.  Lets just say that’s not my favorite way to fly fish….  🙂

I’m going to do a little write up on your new min flows in my local TU chapter ( newsletter when I get back, do you have a link you can send me with some summary info? 

I did some googling, but the info seemed scattered about.  I’ll also mention something about the bonneville cutties.

Have fun at the streamer lovefest, I’m probably going to miss out on it this year.  I’m saving my TIME and $$$ for a winter steelhead trip out to OR/WA and a couple week road trip to the keys at the end of March.

I tried to upload this photo on your app, but I’m not a Facepager and had issues with my Android phone at the very end of the upload process.  Not sure what I needed to X-out?  

21″ on a 4 weight, olive wooly of course!  Feel free to use the photo if you want



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