Fishing Report _ 12-24-2014


IT LOOKS ABOUT perfect. A little snow in the forecast Christmas Eve, blue skies for Christmas Day, mild temperatures and a better than good chance of low water through the weekend.

Being an Aussie we get a weird perspective on Christmas. Its Cloudy and 70 for Christmas Day, early summer with a couple of rain bands coming through for the Holidays, but the clouds should be good for the big mayfly hatches up in the Highlands.

A White Christmas is unheard of Down Under, shorts and flip flops are normal wear, despite all the normal Christmas paraphernalia reflecting a northern hemisphere Christmas. So the chance of a little snow coming down on Christmas Eve is something rare and delightful, though its unlikely there will be any buildup on the roads.

The good news is tomorrow will be 54 and sunny, so travel won’t be an issue, Rabecca would be severely ticked if the snow stopped the kids from gathering up tomorrow afternoon. We have already had minimum flow for the last couple of days so the chances of it continuing are pretty good.

  At the time of writing the schedule isn’t up yet, but stay tuned. WE hope you all have an awesome Christmas and get a chance to find some water time with family and friends.

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WHITE RIVER:  Christmas Day will be the first sunny day for a while so on minimum flow you can expect the fish to be a little skittish. Fish long and fine and try and be delicate with your presentation. On the upside there won’t be many people out there, so they won’t be overly disturbed.

Through the weekend and into early next week you can expect more low flows through the warmest parts of the day at least. Fish the fast water hard and remember the shallows will warm first activating any bug life.

Midge fishing is the way of winter, make sure your flies get down deep enough. Ruby, Rootbeer and Charlotte’s White River Redneck Midges have been exceptional this year. I’d lean to the brighter patterns in the sun. Davy Wotton Midges are standards, fish the Whitetails and the Readheads hard.

Both patterns have been performing well behind beadhead eggs, which act as an attractor and a “disguised split shot”.

Buggers are another popular choice, covering water to find pockets of feeding trout. Olive is the standard choice but add in some White for the winter months.

Sowbugs have also become sought after as winter has settled in, and there’s none better than the Davy Wotton Sowbugs in tan or dark.

NORFORK: Norfork has been running a short bump early and late with low flows through the middle of the day. It’s a handy regime if you have the means to float. The pushes will get you in and out of the best fishing on the river with a minimum of effort, though it might be floating out in the dark if the afternoon push doesn’t start at 5.

Tailwater soft hackles have been performing well, at least from the reports we have seen: try the caddis green, black or red. Midges too have been very good, try the same pattern as above and add in a few purple zebra midges and Psycho Midges.

Run these behind an egg pattern or Hunchback scud in tan or olive.

Buggers here too are popular. If you want to fish the higher flows with streamers, bring some mid-size patterns, Zoo Cougars, Butt Monkeys, Dungeons, Home Invaders and Fatheads. We also recommend the Sparkle Minnows, a killer Conehead western pattern which hasn’t grabbed on yet here, but is a brown trout and cutthroat slayer.

I “discovered” these on the Missouri in Montana, and they are truly a go to pattern, easy to cast and fish on the smaller flows.

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