Rocking Reds

Big Red

IF THERE is one thing guaranteed to alter the mood of a peaceful gathering of fly addicts and their long suffering partners it’s a bunch of trophy fish pics.

We, about half the Ozark Fly Fisher’s crew, our wives and buddies were gathered up at the Arena Sports Bar Saturday night ordering dinner and blowing the froth off a couple when my phone started going ballistic. Good mate Kevin Vincent was similarly ensconced over dinner just south of New Orleans after a hectic couple of days chasing some big reds. And now I was seeing the results.

I have to say it took me a while, until Mississippi Johnson raised the point, to see that proudly worn over every monster red was one of our Dally’s Logo Truckers. KV likes the navy hat, he’s been through a couple now and there have been a steady supply of big fish involved.


Guide Jarod Malone and Kevin Vincent with 45.5” of Louisiana Red _ 32 pounds

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