The Boys Down South

“Looking up the River” _ image by Chris Franzen


IT was enough to get me coughing and spluttering into my morning coffee and thinking extremely unkind thoughts about a couple of our crew _ Monday morning jealousy.

Somehow Ben Levin and Chris Franzen have ended up sharing a cabin at Martin Pescador Lodge in Chile: two Southern lads going to meet some truly southern trout. And watching those two as roommates through a long guide season would truly be entertainment.

Ben of course is one of our senior guides and good buds, he is a lot of fun to fish with: obviously he isn’t going to around for the normal February-March blitz but we are booking trips for Ben in April/May.

Like Franzen, Ben is a pretty talented photographer and writer, so we are hoping his promise of monthly reports on doings down south will be fulfilled.

Franz’s stint as shop rat was too short but it was highly entertaining. His career since then has included a couple of stints guiding in Alaska, and a brief time learning to build fiberglass boats: that was about as successful at nailing his feet to one place as our own.

Yep, the beggars: wish I was down there with them.