Inside the Mind Of Kelly Galloup

Big White River brown like big meat


(Big Trout) are like grizzlies; a lot of animals walk past grizzlies and don’t get eaten, but you put an idiot in Yellowstone who runs from a bear and trips over himself and the next day you have a compelling headline in the Bozeman Chronicle. Big fish are like that; they are programmed to feed only at certain times so you need a bunch of trigger-points to get them to eat when otherwise they wouldn’t _ Kelly Galloup in Angler’s Tonic


A good read on the thought processes inside the head of Streamer Guru Kelly Galloup over on Greg Thomas’ Angler’s Tonic blog.

We only have a limited number of seat left for our January 31 Kelly Galloup Streamer Tying Class ahead of the Streamer Lovefest.

Its going to be a blast with a host of great tiers in town.

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