Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 11/26/14

Brown Trout At Home _ Seth Sullivant image via our White River Fly Fisher app


I’m not really sure what the story is behind Seth Sullivant’s very cool pic we are featuring this week.

I wish there was an option to put a caption when you submit a picture on our White River Fly Fisher app but that is a project for the future. That pic reminds me of summer, wet wading and hopper browns, perhaps it’s the amount of light in the water _ which is a fine thing on a wet and dank morning here in Cotter.

Thankfully that’s all going to change this afternoon, and through the Thanksgiving weekend, with a really nice forecast ahead. Fly fishing, as you might imagine has been part of our Thanksgiving routine for years. Hitting Dry Run Creek while waiting for the Turkey to cook was a heck of a way to spend the day, until the last grew out of the Creek fishing.

River jaunts are pretty cool, but if the weather has been too bad spending a day tying flies has plenty of appeal. This year I’m going to be cutting fly tying videos it seems, working away on the Murray Wilson fly collection I filmed a couple of weeks back. The tiers among you are going to dig it.

The Fuzzle Bugger has lots of application here and Muz’s Messy Caddis is going to be stacked up in my box for Caddis season. So while y’all are going to have a shot at the river this weekend, I’m going to be on family & shop duties.

Wherever you spend it, have a great Thanksgiving with family and friends.

And now onto this week’s fishing report.

.WHITE RIVER: The forecast and the lower power demand of the holidays is probably going to mean a fair quantity of minimum flow through the weekend, although you might get higher flows early and late in the day.

As well as the normal selection of Midges: Wotton Midges, Ruby and Rootbeer Midges, its work carrying along a selection of smaller mayfly patterns. I’d spotted a decent little hatch of olive mayflies downstream of Wildcat on a sunny afternoon last week with a flotilla of little duns, happily sailing downstream.

Mercer’s Micro Mayfly in black or brown is a great start, a fly I really dig. Smaller Copper Johns and Pheasant Tails also also productive or the Egan Patterns, the Frenchie or Iron Lotus.

Having a couple of Parachute Adams or BWO might provide a little entertainment as well.

With some lower flows it’s also a good idea to have some smaller streamers in your boxes: buggers for a start but Zonkers, I’ve pulled some fish on olive Matukas recently, Slump Busters, and Fish Skull Skulpin Bunnies and Snot Rockets. Fish the heavier stuff in the fast water.

NORFORK: The ‘Fork has been offering some middle of the day/afternoon wading, and some fish in fine condition.

Hunchback Scuds in Olive or Tan, or Sunday Specials ahead of a Ruby or Rootbeer Midge combo is doing a lot of damage. There has been a decent cranefly hatch on warmer afternoons, you can pick up some fish on a 16 tan or yellow Elk Hair Caddis.