Davy Wotton’s Catchall Caddis _ White River Fly Tying Video Series


The Catchall Caddis is the third in the Davy Wotton wet fly tying videos we have produced, and is his “go to” top dropper pattern when fishing a team of wet flies.

The Catchall is also very effective as a single fly up on and in the surface film.

This fly is one of my past patterns for stillwater and river fishing as used for a traditional wet fly team. It is fished as the top dropper when water conditions are warmer and fish will take off the surface or close to it.

That said it is a first class fly to use for the White river as a single fly fished on and in the surface when fish will rise to take topwater. It should not be stripped as a streamer it should be fished with short twitches and draws and work on the water surface up across to downstream.

It may be fished with either a dry line when fish are surface active or a intermediate 1/2 IPS when a deeper water presentation is needed.

This past season the fly accounted for many fine 18 to 24 ins Browns and countless numbers of ‘Bows.

It is one of my top go too flies for all trout waters. The SLF Trans Caddis would also be included as one of my go too fly patterns. When caddis season in here fish a Trans Caddis Emerger at tail, 3ft above on a dropper fish the Catchall and you will have a hell of a day !!!!

Once again thanks to Brian Wise at the Fly Fishing the Ozarks for the work putting this all together.

Click through for Davy’s material list

Tail….A few fibers of  long hen pheasant hackle or 3 strands of bronze mallard alternative such as brown partridge hackle or hen will do.

Body…Hares ear dubbing/////  I use SLF Whitlock number 1..Red Fox thorax.

Ribbing….Broad flat gold tinsel, other options are silver or pearl.

Wing…….Elk Rump..This hare will stack tight and for a good wing and not flare as would other deer hair material.

Hook.. ….Sizes 12/14  10s may be used for big water conditions.