Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 10/30/14

Catchn’ trout on your honeymoon? Yep, that’s how we do things around here. Congratulations Mrs. Hoyt!

Fall colors, beautiful weather, hungry trout……I guess those are three perfect reasons to plan your honeymoon in the Ozarks. Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Zack Hoyt came to us early this week for a fly fishing trip with Chad Johnson, and were treated to some turning leaves, comfortable temperatures, and abundant rainbows. They were kind enough to share with us these photos highlighting some of the good times they had with Chad. Getting a trip with one of our guides had been difficult the past couple weeks, but November has big holes that need to be filled, so call us up to reserve your spot for a beautiful autumn fly fishing float trip.

Zack Hoyt unhooking a rainbow. Note the fall colors in the background.

White River:

The minimum flow spell that was over the White River last week has been broken this week with a lot of hours at 1000-2000cfs, and some heavy flows up to 8,000cfs yesterday. The initial rise off that push was quite dirty – no surprise after days and days of low water dried out a bunch of moss and algae – better to sit still if you find yourself in these conditions and wait for the water to clear and stabilize rather than continuing to drift along with the debris. The lower flows are far more consistent for catching your fill of rainbows, and a number of different techniques will get your rod bent. The usual egg- midge or nymph-midge combo under an indicator is probably best for numbers, but swingers armed with soft hackles and woolies are pulling their own for sure. Flies to have: Ruby midges, Super midges, Zebra midges, egg patterns, dark bodied Pheasant Tails and other nymphs, Anna K and Tailwater soft hackles, and of course, ye old olive wooly.

Norfork River:

Flows have been up and down and up again, and then down again. Hard to predict how long this pattern will last, but you can still get in some good fishing either on foot or by boat if you remain flexible and don’t try to plan your day from the start. Use good judgement, use a landmark to monitor the water level, plan your escape route and leave plenty of time to use it. Egg patterns are an excellent attractor and are fun to sight fish with (not on the redds). Small dark midges or scuds as a dropper are perfect. Small black woolies are perfect for swinging.

New boat. Same Chad.