New Reels From Waterworks-Lamson


THESE took a little longer than expected to land but we are now stocked up on the awesome value new Waterworks Lamson Liquid and Remix Reels: and those nifty little color sleeves.

The Liquid and Remix continue W_L’s exploration of cast design to bring value into heavily ported large arbor fly reels, that started with the original groundbreaking Konic.

The business end of these reels is price, bang for your buck, and the Liquid comes in at a ridiculous $99.95 for the two trouty models Liquid 1.5 and 2. The 8wt model costs $10 more and the 10wt $129.95.

The Liquid also comes in a 3-pack, one reel and 2 spare spools in a neat carrying case for $150 for the 1.5 and 2 models and $10 more for the 8wt.

The Remix is an interesting mix: a cast spool and a machined frame for greater durability. Its priced from $159 for the trout reels and runs through into a 10wt; with 2 HD saltwater versions.

The color sleeves are garnering plenty of interest. Anodized aluminum sleeves which slip over the existing drag cassette, and brighten the all black reels considerable.

Swing by the shop and check them out or click here to shop online