Stealing A Little White River Time

YOU MIGHT think the crew here, the guides, shop rats and shop dogs get plenty of water time, working this close to one of the world’s finest trophy brown trout fishery.

The truth of the matter is between our myriad of schedules, families guide trips and a 7-day a week fly shop to operate make it hard to co-ordinate fishing days. So we snatch moments, in our downtime, afterwork, or a morning, a few hours here and there to fish with buddies, dogs and a sense of humor.

It’s a hard school with little leeway for errant casts, missed takes, wind knots and the myriad of other pitfalls we all face as fly fishers. No quarter given, or asked for and leave the egos behind: pretty much like a trip with your own fishing buds.

So here is a glimpse behind the façade: a couple of hours here and there with hoppers and streamers. And a look at the prospects ahead for streamer fishing through the winter with Gabe, whacking two fish over 25” in about 3 hours of streamer fishing