October Hopperz?

Mick Spaulding getting it done late season with Mr Bill

IN YET another sign of how weird 2014 has been, our own Bill Thorne and good mate Mick Spaulding went out hopper fishing on the White yesterday in October.

I shamelessly scavenged Bill’s pics off his Facebook page report _ but that’s deserved when you go out having too much fun on the river on your time off.

Fun day of hopper fishin…Mick’s 20 incher was the biggest, but check out my “smilin” teener… Bill Thorne


Mr Bill _ good times

It’s definitely not the first time we have had some pretty good late season hopper fishing. Three years ago Ben Levin put one of his fly fishers on a 29” 10lb+ brown at Bull Shoals on a hopper  on October 31 _ another year with a long Indian Summer.

If you walk through grassy areas there are still hoppers around and until we get some seriously cold nights will keep doing their thing, which happily involves tempting trout.