Johnson’s Freaky Frog _ White River Tying Video Series


WE HAVE been awaiting this fly with much anticipation, our mate, guide and new Umpqua Fly Designer Chad Johnson’s Freaky Frog.

There were a few headaches in meeting Chad’s standards on this pattern to make sure it cast, and fished properly which meant it was a few months late. But its been garnering plenty of attention both in our fly bins and with fly fishers and tyers across the country. The Freaky Frog was featured on the cover of Eastern Fly tyer magazine this summer.

If you want a sample or don’t want to tie this awesome topwater fly click here.

Video produced by our mate Brian Wise from Fly Fishing the Ozarks.

Materials List
Hook — 8089 Size 2
Frog Foam — Olive
Foam Ant Body — Large Black
Sheet of 1/8″ Tan Fly Foam
Silly Legs — Hopper Yellow Perfectly Barred & Olive/ Black Flake
Eyes — Hareline 5/16 Oval Pupil 3D — Red/ Black Pupil
Prism SLF Dubbing—Olive— Multi — Laminated Synthetic
Thread — UTC 100 Olive GSP
Stainless Wire Weed Guard
.035 Lead Wire