Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 9/25/14


Banning Collins, our TFO/Lamson/Umpqua representative, getting some White River love while fishing with Steve Dally. Dally photo.

Ahh the beginning of Fall. What an awesome time to be out on the water. Cool mornings, bright clear blue skies, low humidity, it’s enough to put you in a good mood regardless of how the fishing’s going. But then the fishing has been steady as well, and customers in the shop this morning seem to be in beaming high spirits, so life is good in the Ozarks, and I don’t mind it at all. Our company man Banning Collins certainly picked a good time to test the waters, as you can see in the photo above, proving he’s not just a gear nerd.

Vallerie Greer hoists a fat brown from the Norfork on an outing with Chad Johnson.

With the cool mornings and warm afternoons it becomes more important to dress yourself with the proper layers in order to stay comfortable all day. Come check out our new sweaters, jackets, base layers, and insulated pants and shirts. We’ve got a great selection of warm hats, caps, Buffs, and gloves too! There’s no better feeling than being the first guy on the water, all toasty warm in your new gear and catching fish while the crowds wait for mid morning sunshine.

White River:

We are in somewhat of a low water trend over the past week, with flows under 1,000cfs for a good portion of the day, followed by a push up to 5,000cfs in the afternoons/evenings. The low flows are offering up ample wade fishing opportunities and good numbers of rainbows are being taken on Wotton’s Whitetails and Super midges. Various other midges are working as well, and are often fished best trailing a heavier nymph such as a bead head Flashback or Hare’s Ear for weight and depth. On the higher afternoon flows, fish the same nymph-midge setup a little deeper and heavier to keep the rainbow bite going, but don’t count out the hopper bite. Some fine brown trout are still gnashing their teeth on black and pink foam. Grab yourself some Western Ladies, Moorish hoppers, Fat Alberts, and Juicy Bugs to carry you through the rest of terrestrial season.

Early fall hopper eater going home. Steve Dally pic.

Norfork River:

Minimum flow is fantastic fished on foot or from small watercraft/driftboats. Trout are gorging on scuds, so definitely carry an assortment of Hunchbacks, Kaufmans, and Wotton Sowbugs. Small dark bodied midges like Root Beers and Medallions are also deadly, especially trailing a scud or small Hare’s Ear nymph. Often in the fall the Norfork can become a little discolored – a great time to start fishing something a little brighter as an attractor, such as egg patterns, San Juans, or flashback nymphs.