Fall, the Fly Fishing Fair and Simms

New season Simms in stock.

Left:  Kinetic Jacket; WS Flap Cap; Guide Mid Top; Cascade Soft Shell Pant. Right: Flexfit Snap Back Hat; Fall Run Jacket; Rivershed Sweater 1/4 Zip; Big Sky Belt; Story Work Pant.


THESE grey damp days have a taste of fall about them, and with the Fly Fishing Fair in the offing we have been loading up with cooler weather gear, new rods and fly tying materials.

The revamped Fly Fishing Fair, held from October 3 through 5 is going to be a fun event, with a revamped scheduled and entertainment. Click for the Schedule. You might enjoy the live music and fun on Friday night; sign up for the Mike Schmidt streamer class, who provides many of our killer streamer patterns, a wet fly class with Davy Wotton.

Chad Johnson is doing a redfish class; Ben Levin teaching about Ozarks Smallmouth; and I’m doing a class on how to “find and feed” trout in rivers. Check the programs here

You’ll be digging the new Simms gear for both men and women: the women’s Fall Run Jacket is going to be killer, just like the men’s version has been: ultralight weight and very warm. The Primaloft One insulation, unlike down retains insulating properties even when you do something odd like dunk your arm netting that big fish.

The new Kinetic Jacket, features Primaloft Gold insulation in the core areas for heat retention and stretchy Polartec WindPro is a very “fishy piece”, seeming designed for those tough cold streamer days when you are making cast after a cast for a big fish.

We also have 3 very cool, very techy “sweaters” that have been attracting a lot of attention the Guide Pro, Guide Core and Rivershed 1/4 Zip; some quickdrying jean cut khakis in the Story Work Pant; and the very cool soft shell Cascade Pant in stock. Plus there are new waterproof boat bags; new waterproof waist packs and much more. Check out some of our new range of Simms here.

We have the new Sage SALT and ACCEL rods in stock; the new Waterworks Lamson Reels are in transit; and the new Rio low-stretch lines have been leaping off the shelves.