Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 9-12-14

Summer on the White _ Sara Thomas image


  IT SEEMS, for the next week at least that the brutal heat of summer is done. The long range forecasts are showing a few days in the mid80s but that will be the extent of it, which for most folks means some pretty nice fishing weather _ and probably some extended wading water.

It was a shock this morning to have to dig out a jacket, not just for the drizzle but for the cooler temperatures. The weekend ahead is looking particularly good, marking the shift for the fall weather trend, which should continue into October, according to the accuweather.com extended forecast.

Now I’m going to bet the house on the forecast but the next month is looking sweet, not too cold and not too hot, a trend which will lessen the need for 24/7 air conditioning. And in general less power demand means less electricity generation, and hence more low flows and wadeable water on the Norfork and White.

So its time to drag the waders out and make sure any holes are patched, or sent off to Simms for repairs, as they will become much more important in the coming weeks. Find your baselayer or fleece, check over your jackets, all the stuff you have had hidden away for months.

And now onto the rest of the fishing report this week:

WHITE RIVER: It’s the turn from summer to fall, though the long range forecast isn’t showing any chilly overnight temperatures into the 30s out until the end of October at this stage, so we might be in for a pretty nice Indian summer, depending on its accuracy or lack thereof.

You can expect wadeable water on the White all weekend, half a unit or a unit of water through until Monday afternoon. These sort of flows offer some decent wading and awesome pontoon floating.

You can still fish summer style, Chad Johnson reported in this morning that yesterday was one of his better hopper days for the summer. Black Juicy Bugs, Fat Albert’s, Western Ladies and Jake’s Trigger Belly Foam Bug in Lavender have been strong.

Hopper dropper style rigging is ideally suited to these flows. Adjust your nymph sizes according to the water flows and speed. Pheasant Tail, Hare’s Ear’s and Copper John’s ahead of smaller midge patterns are a good way to go.

Midges are delivering consistent results: fish Davy’s Whitetails or RedHead Whitetails in black or Hare’s Ear, Ruby Midges, and Charlotte’s Redneck White River Midge have been good, but the Rootbeer Midge has been really good.

Bugger fishers have been rocking fish on the ubiquitous olive or the newer S>T> Bugger in Blue/Black.

NORFORK: Norfork has been offering plenty of morning thru early afternoon wading, with some higher flows in the afternoons. But on cooler days you can expect even longer wading.

Midge pupa has been very good: Ruby Midges, Rootbeer; Rednecks and Wotton Midges as for the White. Run these behind a Hunchback Scud in tan or olive to good effect. Smaller Johnny Flash Midges or Jujubees behind the scuds can also deliver.

Yellow or red Tailwater Soft Hackles have also been performing.