Gabe Levin looking ahead to fall with Simms new Coldweather Shirt; Story Work Pants, and Buy Local Trucker, plus the new waterproof medium Boat Bag.


IT’s really too damn hot to think about fall clothing right now, but given the way this year has been running it could be just around the corner, like those chilly October’s I recall when I first got to Arkansas.

Gabe did take some convincing to climb into some of the new gear we really dig in today’s 95 degree heat, but promise him some icecream and anything is possible. But Simms do really have some cool stuff for staying warm in the chilly days of fall and the depths of winter. You can check over some of the new stuff which has already landed here and we will have some more stuff coming in time for the Fly Fishing Fair.

The Story Work pants have already been heading out, some for weekend wear, some for work and even some for school _ these are a light jean with a great look _ a jean cut khaki is about as close as we can estimate. The Coldweather Shirt and Pants have proven themselves for a couple of seasons now.

We really dig the new color in the men’s Fall Run Jacket, and especially the introduction of the women’s Fall Run Jacket _ these things are awesome, warm light and as much at home on the river or sitting in the bleachers for a football game.

The new boat bags, have some awesome design, the Kinetic Jacket at $250 is an awesome deal, a waterproof jacket for wading or boat fishing and a sleek design you can wear anywhere.

And there is more to come.