Hot For Big Smallies _ Duane Hada Report

Big Smallmouth for Duane Hada in the heat this week

Too Hot?? Don’t tell that to Duane Hada. Many people don’t realize some of the best smallmouth of the year is right now!!

The water is low and clear, most of the fish are caught sightfishing with a Hada craw or taken from the surface on a large hopper. I threw some large grasshoppers into a pool yesterday and they were quickly taken.

Many cold springs keeps the water and fish active. Floating is out of the question unless you are into long drags. Take lots of water and be prepared for a long walk, but its’s worth it.

Sight fishing is very challenging and will build your skills, these are tough smart old fish.

You want to pack a fly box with Creek Crawlers and Near Nuff Crawdads; some large foam hoppers in natural colors, Boogle Bug poppers in white or yellow. I also found lots of mature Helgrammite nymphs this week so add some Big Nasties and McKees Rubberlegs.

The Hada influence: Tadd Fore learning fast