Hungry Hopper Eater


Haven’t seen our buds Lee & James for a while now, then this email landed, and one long lean brown trout fro the White. Next time your in the shop pick up your 24” sticker for Casey and the boat sticker for your drifter.


My buddy Casey Hughes, who was with Larry Anderson last week, pulled a good one out of the White on Saturday. Took a black foam hopper. We had great fishing on smaller streamers and hoppers. Hopper action picked up later in the day with the heavier flows. Had 5 fish 17″er’s or better, along with a bunch of rainbows. Here are a couple of pics of the best one. The cooler is 25″across, puts the fish at a little over 24″. I didn’t know if you guys were still handing out the 2 footer stickers or not. Sorry for cutting Casey’s head off in the pic. We were trying to get the fish back in as soon as possible.

Our buddy James Buie was in Colorado and missed out on a great trip.

Hope all is well,

Lee Reddmann