“Woo Pig” Brownie _ Hoppers with Bill Thorne

Mr Bill, photo bombing Seth and that fish _ Mick Spaulding pic


Every once in a while, on the White River, all things fishing seem to line up as they should. Just for starters, we get a day of low humidity and temps in the low 80’s, in August no less. The day after a “super moon”, then we have a perfect push of water scheduled to flow, the cooler is full of our favorite beverages, and we have a young guy on his first drift boat trip…you see where I’m going with this?

Summer time flows can be unpredictable but when we get some good flows during the heat of the day the hopper fishing can really turn on. Needless to say Mick, Seth and I were pretty excited to see the favorable conditions.

Bill and a hopper brown of his own

The day didn’t disappoint as the brown trout were hitting a properly presented bug. I caught a couple really nice fish in that 22’-23’ range, hooked a couple more and lost a brute of a “head shaking” male right at the boat, but the high light of the trip was the beauty that Seth caught.

You see, Mick and I had been schooling him the whole trip about the timing of the hook set on these hopper fish, you know the old “God save the Queen” thing. I even suggested “Woo Pig Sooie” might be a more appropriate saying since Seth is a student at U of A.

He must have been paying attention because finally with about an hour left in the float Seth hooked and landed his first “hopper brown” without a hitch…he was jazzed needless to say, after a couple quick photos (including a nice photo bomb by yours truly) and a successful release, I think his words were “my knees are still shaking”. Enjoy the photos.

Bill Thorne