FishSkull Fly Tester

WE THOUGHT it would be cool to have one of the new FishSkull Fly Tester tanks in the shop to show off the actions of some of our flies. Our initial thought too was that tiers might also like to test out new patterns.

It’s been a hit: We have had guys, gals and kids hanging out by the tank “try another one, Mr Bill”.

Then I made a discovery: this thing is the fly fisher’s Lava Lamp.

Seriously it’s the best tool for procrastinating away an afternoon otherwise spent on the “honey-do list” I know of. You can rack up 4 or five flies and watch them wiggle & work for hours. Tweak the pump flow, adjust your tippet length. Hours of entertainment and you can honestly say “honey I’m not watching television”.

Kick back in the couch, listen to the burbling flow and trance inducing dance of the flies and you will be snoring like a baby. Thank me later.