Davy Wotton’s SLF Trans Caddis _ White River Fly Tying Video Series

IF there has ever been one fly that has had some White River mystery, a little secretive allure, its been Davy Wotton’s Caddis. A killer pattern that for a long time was fairly seldom seen. We ran classes over several years with Davy teaching this pattern and it was one of the best attended.

Now Davy has been gracious enough to allow us to film this pattern. For most fly fishers this lethal pattern is a nymph either as a Hare’s Ear or in Caddis Green but it truly come alive fished as a team of wet flies. And in the video to come over the next couple of weeks Davy will show you how to tie the other two members of his caddis season team.

Now if you want to learn how to fish them correctly, call us to book a trip with this international wet fly legend: and seriously allow plenty of lead time.

Thanks to Brian and Jenni from Fly Fishing The Ozarks for another awesome video. You can watch our entire White River Fly Tying Video Series here


SLF Trans caddis.

Bead head optional.  2mm for hook sizes 12/14
Wing..Swiss straw or Raffine natural color straw
Hackles. Brown partridge//hen pheasant neck or spangled hen hackle dark
Body.. options include,, hares ear//SLF Standard dubbings.. Olive, cream
,tan,orange, SLF Whitlock number 1
Head..Hares ear.



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