Big Tailwater Stripes



WHEN these photos arrived on my new phone last Friday, I almost dropped it in the river.

It was a little hard to see, but I was scanning the background to see where the heck these fish were caught. The faces I knew, Zach North and Tanner Riley, floated with me last year to learn the principles about streamer fishing. Conditions weren’t great but Zach popped a nice brown and the guys had a good time.

Next time I saw them in Cotter was with Tanner’s drift boat and the guys were out there on the big water working hard. Apparently they put the lessons to good use.



We have been trying to figure out the big stripes on the lower part of the Illinois for two years. Taking advice from all these guys that use live bait and conventional tackle. Saying the big ones are in the deep holes down deep and yada yada.

We’re out one day catching little fish and they started moving a bunch of water out of the dam. So we decided we were going to try what you had taught us about big browns on the White and see if maybe these big stripes do the same thing.

I’ll be damned if they don’t do the exact same thing! You can go out there with a streamer and throw up in the little pockets, eddies and any little slack water and there is monsters all the way down that sucker!

The big one is 37″ and just over 25lbs. The others are all between 13 and 15lbs
We would love for you to come down some time and go out with us. I know you’re a busy man but it would be worth it!



I’m IN!