New From Sage & RIO

We had a preview from our Sage RIO and Redington rep Darin Jacober last week, and the result was this video.

Its definitely that time of year again when the new stuff starts getting previewed, with the odd new items, like Sage’s two rods and the RIO low stretch lines (more on these in a bit) coming out in August. Bec and I are flying out to Orlando, FL, tomorrow for the annual Fly Fishing Tackle Dealers show.

There will be meetings with our usual reps, but I’ve got a few things in mind I want to search up to add to our product mix _ and usually there is a surprise or two as well.

But I think you are going to dig the new lines: low stretch versions of the RIO Gold; RIO Grand and RIO Trout line plus a new version of the Indicator Line. The low stretch Connect Core in a floating trout line came in the short head Perception Taper last summer. But for those of us who dig longer belly lines the Connect Core Gold is going to be a ripper.  Similarly the low stretch properties will be killer on the Grand and Trout lines.

There’s only one downside with the new Salt rod in Sage’s lineup, I’d had my heart set on a Method 8wt for streamer season, now I’m not sure. The 8wt we cast week is an immensely powerful stick, though not feeling as light as the Method, actually is half the weight of the old Xi3 series.

The Access was a serious surprise, super light and actually feels like a superlight progressive taper, moderate-fast rod. These are a great all rounder.

Stay tuned for more reports this week