Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 7/3/14

Bill cradles a lovely sulfur eating brown. Mick Spaulding photo.

Browns have been looking skyward recently on the White, taking both sulfurs and hoppers, and the shop community is not passing up on the opportunity to get in on the action. Bill Thorne, Mick Spaulding, and friend Alex Kramer floated Tuesday on a half unit of water and just had the worst time trying to keep fish off their dry flies. These boys really had no fun at all together. After reluctantly catching several quality fish on sulfur dries, Bill resorted to repeatedly yanking a hopper out of a brown trout’s mouth, because watching the eat is the fun part anyway and anything after that is just unnecessary. All sarcasm aside, the White is heating up with summer dry fly action, and you’d be crazy to not plan a trip here this summer, or right now.

Sulfurs are out to play. Mick Spaulding photo.

White River:

A steady half unit of water for most of the day is fishing very well with all types of sulphur imitations – Silverman’s Stacker Cripple, Half & Half CDC Emerger, Hackle Stacker Mayfly, Compara Duns, Sparkle Duns, and ye olde Parachute Sulfur are all working on top, while Micro Mayfly Nymphs, Sloan’s Mighty May, Ramsay’s Sulfur Nymph, and ye olde Pheasant Tail and Hare’s Ear nymphs are killer subsurface. As always, midge pupa like Wotton Whitetails and Rubies are effective as trailers. A hopper with or without a dropper is also heating up especially on bigger water later in the afternoons/evenings. Come check out our collection of foam and pick out a few juicy  patterns to try.

Norfork River:

Scuds are killer right now on the fork. Try Kaufman’s and Hunchback scuds in tan, olive, and UV varieties, as well as Wotton’s sowbug in dark or natural. Ruby midges, Root Beer midges, Zebra midges in black, and Wotton midges in black are also killer. In higher flows or deep pools, try getting your scud or midge a little deeper by attaching it to a heavy nymph like a Sunday Special or Tungsten Pheasant Tail. Small streamers like Zoo Cougars, Fatheads, and Dungeons fished on sink tip lines in high water are a good way to target a bigger fish.