Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 6-26-14

Jake Grove with a dry fly brown


THERE’S really something about living for a time on quality trout water, or any water for that matter. There’s the convenience of course, thought this can be a double edged sword as its twice as hard to drag yourself off to other fine waters, all to easy to get set in one’s way. This applies equally to technique.

But the real beauty of calling fine water home is getting attuned to the rhythms of the river, the seasonal changes, the moods of fall and winter, spring and summer. Each year brings something different, some twist, like our long summers the past few years, then this year’s weather weirdness with brutal cold and a late start to spring.

This week we started to see some decent sulphur hatches, and some fish up on top eating the little yellow bugs _ about 4 weeks after their usual emergence. It the water flows place nice, with some low am flows this could continue for a couple more weeks.

Normally of course this is the time we all start wondering when the hopper fishing will start, but the normal indicators, like the cicadas singing in the tree are absent. But it never hurst to try: Gabe and Chad both have picked up some browns running hopper and dropper rigs, and its way more fun than staring at some plastic. Give it a shot.

WHITE RIVER: Midge pupa have been performing very well, Davy Wotton Whitetails in black, and Ruby Midges are a safe bet early in the day, heck pretty much all day.

But working in a Pheasant Tail, Micro Mayfly or Humpback Sulphur ahead of the Midge is a nice each way bet in the Upper part of the river. Try Fat Albert’s, Juicy Bug’s and Chernobyls Ants as indicators.

On the higher flows you can also try some streamer fishing with Double Deceivers, Fatheads, Zoo Cougars, Keller’s Three Pack on the big flows