The Davy Knot Video _ Tightline Productions

This is probably one of the easiest tutorials to follow I’ve seen on the Davy Knot _  the creation of the Welsh Master, Davy Wotton _ from Tim Flagler at Tightline productions.

I watched it earlier in the week with a couple of clients, who were looking for those push button type of hackle pliers _ and my first thought was a pair of hemos would actually work better, and remove the need for carrying yet ANOTHER tool on the river.

Pretty slick.





  • Great job guys! I’ve fished with Davy for years and thus can tye this great knot in my sleep – have never before seen such a well done video of his technique. I can attest to the holding power of this knot as I only retye after catching fish above the 16″ and bigger range. It’s interesting that I tye it with the hook in my right hand and feed the line up through the hook eye and then complete the knot. It all works just the same! This is a “landmark” video for all flyfishers! Thanks so much.

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