White River TU Call For Egg Planting Help

Planting Bonneville Cutthroat Eggs last year

From Trout Unlimited White River Branch #698

Trout Eggs Arriving This Week

This will be the third year White River TU will plant Vibert boxes full of Bonneville cutthroat.  We have the procedure pretty smooth now, but there is work involved. We need your help!

Saturday June 14th – 7:00 a.m. – White River
Meet us at the Rim Shoals public access boat launch.
We will supply a lunch-time cookout after the planting at the Flippin’s pavilion at Rim Shoals Resort.

Saturday, June 28th – 7:00 a.m. – North Fork River
We’ll meet at the gazebo on the Mill Pond area of the Norfork River (where we’ve met the last two years). Turn off Hwy 5 onto River Ridge Rd and go past the AGFC public access until you see a sign on the right saying TU EGG PLANTING. We will have a lunchtime cookout at the pavillion.Bring waders, work gloves, small shovels for the task at hand.  For creature comforts it is suggested you bring water/snacks or whatever it takes to sustain your energy level for 2-4 hours.
Bring your fishing gear, and if water levels permit, we’ll do some fishing after lunch!
Not Familiar with this Project?
This is a five year egg planting designed to encourage a spring spawn. The Bonneville cutthroat was chosen for the planting because it prefers gravel-bottomed creeks and small rivers as well as lakes. It is well known for its ability to survive in harsh and often degraded (by man) habitats.