Brookie in the Shaky Isles

Dave Cornue’s Queen’s Birthday ‘Bow


IT had been a while since I’d heard from our good friend Dave “Brookie” Cornue who’s job has him doing a long stint of penance on New Zealand’s North Island.

Now before y’all start cussing his luck, for most of his stint Brookie has been in the off season Down Under, (it’s winter now), not to mention the fact his fishing time has been limited by the job. Then there was a query about a broken rod tip fix. So it was nice to see a few pics land with fish involved.

Not the best photos, but you get what you can.  And they never look very big/exciting laying on the streambank.

This hen had me well into my backing within ~3 seconds of setting the hook.  A very HOT fish!!!!  Couple good jumps too.

The fish here are really strong!

Best Fishes,



That Rainbow


And of course “The Hat” pic _ no comment on how the Tui tastes

Hi Steve, Here is a photo from dinner after a long day of fishing today. See you in a few weeks. Hope all is well with you. Best Fishes, Dave