Two Hands On The White _ Video

I HAVE to say the weekend was a hoot, and there are now 13 more double handed devotees thanks to master spey instructor Simon Gawesworth.

A goodly part of his personality as an instructor and leader in the world of Spey is is sheer delight in fishing the rods and inducting other to his passion. I had wanted

to return the favor Simon did me on the Missouri last year, showing off the White, but his travel work schedule only gave us a few hours.

I wanted to impart some of Simon’s goofy delight in fishing a “new river” with a double hander _ particularly a light switch rod, (Sage One 11’ 4wt) with a team of soft hackles. Now as it happened we had been staring at risers all weekend during class hours, but in the short time available we were a little early.

Not that Simon didn’t take delight in finding any fish up feeding, and dragging him off the water to move spots, or even catch his flight home, took some urging. Which really is what its all about _ the allure of the Spey cast.

Yes the longer rods have advantages in certain instances, well suited to our wide rivers, as Simon points our for devotees of soft hackles or buggers and other streamers. But the real allure is in the tempo of the cast, the movement of the rod tip, and watching those long lines unfurl otherwise impossible distances.

Its terribly addictive, just ask Bill, myself or any of the other classmates. Its not going to be the last you will hear of Spey casting around here.