Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 5/22/14

Who needs Dry Run Creek anyway? Charlee Beauvais is proud of her White River catch with a little help from great uncle Chad.
This seems to be one of those times of the year when folks are traveling, spending time with friends and family, and just about everyone is making some time for fishing. It’s been really great to share photos and stories from all of the friends and family of the fly shop community that have been out on the water recently. Bill spent one of his days off this week fishing the White with friends and shop regulars Barry Analora and Mick Spaulding, and had this report and photos to share:
Mick Spaulding holds up a fine White River brown. Bill Thorne photo.
“Mick, Barry and I fished from Gaston’s to Wildcat on Tuesday. Rainbow fishing was great on Caddis pupa and midges, with an occasional taker on a Dry. We all managed a few Browns on caddis pupa as well. I had a good one of at least 22” to the boat briefly, before making an upstream run and breaking off my #18 Psycho Prince in the fast chute at Stetsons…
Barry switched to a #12 Stimulator for an indicator and had some fish go on it as well…Hopper fishing can’t be far off.
Minimum flow is providing great conditions for drift fishing as well as sight casting to an occasional riser taking caddis….although once the push, (trashy) hit us the fishing went down hill quick.”
The maw shot. Bill Thorne photo.

White River:

As Bill’s experience with rising water on Tuesday reinforces, the best fishing is to be had on stable flows, whether its minimum flow or not, try to avoid fishing the sudden bumps in water level, as they tend to be very dirty. If you find yourself in dirty rising water, travel down river to stay ahead of the “push”, or head upriver until the flows are clear and stable again. Various caddis pupa, prince nymphs, and other green-bodied nymphs continue to produce well, as do green soft hackles like Dally’s Tailwater Soft Hackle in caddis green, #14 and #16. When the caddis aren’t popping, try a dark or grey Wotton sowbug or olive Hunchback scud with a small midge for a trailer. Use Zebra midges, Harvester midges, Ruby or Root Beer midges, or Wotton Super midges. San Juan Worms are a good idea too with the major fluctuations in water flow, especially if you cannot avoid fishing dirty water.

Norfork River:

Low flows are fishing well with midges, scuds, and sowbugs. Fishing near structure and drop-offs in the deeper pools is key. Suspend your flies mid-watercolumn to start, then work deeper as necessary. Takes will likely be very slow and subtle. A slow swinging soft hackle in the riffles and tailouts is also deadly. Try Anna K’s, Dally’s Tailwater Soft Hackles, and various partridge hackles. Don’t be surprised if the waters get a little crowded this weekend. Normally 6x tippet isn’t necessary around here, but on Memorial Day weekend a little stealth and 6x might be a difference maker.

-Gabe Levin