Reach More Fish …. Outcast arrives


IF MINIMIMUM flow has you a tad nervous about rising water, want to get away from the crowds on Norfork’s limited accesses or want to finally beat the Corps releases check out these videos of part of our new lineup of Outcast inflatable watercraft.

The OSG Commander (above) and the Fish Cat Scout below were selected from the extensive Outcast range for their suitability for our type of water, and the job you need to get done on our tailwaters. They would be pretty handy ducking down Crooked Creek, the Kings River or Buffalo.

Both these boats are designed to fly fish, are super-light (35lb) one person craft for moving or still water. This is super-nice for put-ins and takeouts, which aren’t your normal boat ramp _ think Handicap on the ‘Fork or Three Chutes or Armstrong on the White.

Both models have open cockpits so you can stand and fish without have to beach and anchor your kayak, or canoe. Think of it like carrying along your own island. As you can see from the video both boats have a fixed oar system for steering when needed, but you can also use fins to keep both hands free when you want to fish.

We also have brought in a more traditional-style pontoon boat, the Fish Cast IR-9 and a selection of accessories, we plan to expand. As northern Arkansas’ only Outcast dealer, give us a call or swing by to look over the new line or check up on parts and accessories for your existing boats.

Stay tuned for our on-water demo days on the White and Norfork Rivers this summer _ details coming soon.