Hada’s Craft Fur Clouser_Tying Video Series

Hada’s Craft Fur Clouser, tied by Ben Levin


WHEN IT comes to Ozark Smallmouth and our wild rivers and streams, its hard to go past the knowledge of our guides Duane Hada and Ben Levin.

Both of these guys have Ozark waters in their veins and dig smallies with a passion. Duane’s Craft Fur Clouser has been a staple of our summer warmwater fly bin year after year. Together with the Creek Crawler crawdad you just can’t have enough.

The Clouser tie is a dead ringer for our Ozark creek minnows, and the boys have been rocking the smallmouth already this season. Check the evidence here. And don’t forget our Smallmouth Class on June 14.

Once again this was a fine piece of work by Brian and Jenny Wise of Fly Fishing the Ozarks _ each of the finished videos that come my way blow my mind _ and I was there. Thanks guys

Hook: Umpqua U502
Dumbbell Lead Eyes Medium Gold
Belly: Extra Select Craft Fur White
Krystal Flash Copper
Lateral Line Extra Select Craft Fur Black
Back Extra Select Craft Fur Medium Brown or Tan

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  • Fantastic pattern and slick video – I use similar black and white clousers in the Thames when looking for Sea Trout. This video has prompted me to source some brown or olive fur to tweak my colour ranges. Thanks very much – metiefly

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