Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 4/25/14

New Jersey’s Elliot Cohen, 81yrs young, getting it done on the White. Gabe Levin photo.

When I picked up Elliot and drove him to the river on Wednesday, I wondered if the 56 years of life separating us in age would present a bit of an awkward cultural boundary between us. That was not the case. It turns out that despite the 2 generation gap, we shared a good deal of cultural heritage due to our common Jewish ancestry – my own father was raised in a mostly Jewish community just outside New York very much like Elliot’s home in Princeton. I think it’s safe to say that growing up with a Jewish father allowed me to truly appreciate Elliot’s sense of humor and extensive repertoire of cultural jokes, though anyone could appreciate his generosity and overall positive outlook on life. I would like to thank Mr. George Peters for matching me up with Elliot for two wonderful days of fishing.

Elliot is no slouch with a fly rod either, having fished nearly every trouty corner of the world. He consistently displayed the patience and focus possessed by seasoned fly anglers, even if he occasionally missed a strike because he was busy telling me another story. Elliot got a fine taste of southern hospitality and trout fishing, and I fully expect he will be making a return visit in between trips to Chile and New Zealand …….”sigh,” if only I could fit in that man’s luggage.

White River:

Flows are still consistently high, but with lovely warm sunny weather the caddis and midges are happy to hatch most of the day, offering a few dry fly opportunities in the back eddies and slower pools, though nymphing deep with worms, large bead head nymphs, caddis pupa, and midges is the more effective method. Try large San Juans in red, pink, or natural, gold bead prince nymphs, green Copper Johns, various bead head caddis pupa, and #16 Whitetail midges. Large olive bead head wooly buggers and heavily weighted sculpins like Whitlock’s Nearnuff and Helmet Head Sculpin Bunnies are effective on the swing and bounced along the bottom.

Norfork River:

Minimum flow has been hard to come by for wade fishing, and we have seen some full generation at 80Mw recently, but nymphing deep with egg patterns, sowbugs, worms, and midges has been effective, particularly on rising or falling water. Try Glowballs and Y2ks in light roe or peach, San Juans in red, pink, shell pink, or natural, sowbugs and scuds in olive or grey, and various midges in red/white, black/silver, black/peacock. Black woolies and small streamers like Slump Busters and Zoo Cougars are also a good bet on the high flows.

-Gabe Levin


  • 81 years young and fishing like a maestro – truly inspirational – thanks again for your awesome blog Steve. I just listened to your Itinerant Angler podcast – massive congratulations on your ongoing successes! Best regards metiefly

    • thanks for the kind words… just having fun doing what we love to do

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