THIS had to be be fastest moving fly box in the lower 48 _ if it was entered at Oaklawn there would have been an inquiry and blood testing.

Duane had been kicking the idea around since we had a chat at the Sowbug Roundup. Last night, on the eve of leaving for Campeche, he grabs one of our MFC boat boxes with the plan to give it his own artistic touch.

By 8am he was packed, in his truck and pulling into the shop carpark, with a completed original painting on one side. The idea was for this to go up for donation at the Trout Unlimited banquet.

By 10 am it was sold and out the door. Once Duane and Ben get back from chasing tarpon we will get him to work up another. Pretty cool and I’m sure he will take custom orders _ price to be determined according to your wishes.

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