Test Cast the new TFO Mangrove Trout Sticks 4wt &5wt


SLIP along to Sowbug Roundup this week and test cast TFO’s latest sticks _ the 4wt and 5wt Mangrove rods.

With the Mangrove name, and designed by Flip Pallot, this series has definitely a saltwater influence in the heavier sizes. But the 4wt and 5wt have a growing rep among the trout guys as a fine rod for nymphing the White River system (and the 6wt for Ozark smallmouth). Check out our buddy Brandon’s detailed rundown on the Mangrove attributes in the video above

These rods weren’t around in numbers for the Conclave last fall, so ask us at the Sowbug to give them a swing. Our Cotter location has the largest selection of TFO rods in Arkansas, and you can cast any of the TFO range in stock.