The Cracked Out Caddis _ White River Tying Video Series

THERE’s finely crafted flies, carefully thought out and honed razor sharp for their purpose. Then there’s flies like this one, where laziness was the inspiration and something fell out of the vise which a goodly number of trout decided was edible.

Even the name was an accident. The first camera operator Mrs Jen Wise grew tired of me moving around the seat as we were setting up to film. In what was a mother of 2 boys’ voice I was commanded to “sit still you cracked out Tasmanian” _ the room was immediately rolling with laughter, and a name was born.

This is unashamedly a guide fly, one of those designed to be tied fast and dirty, with its inspiration a very fine fine, Pettit’s Pulsating Caddis, which has a series of stacked beads, a dubbed body and more fine detail. In the midst of several days guiding a couple of years back I got tired of the beads, launched them across the room, and my hand fell on some D-Rib.

I have some other flies in my box tied with way more care, a couple you will see later in the series, but this is a pretty good option early in the hatch. Once again a huge thank you to Brian and Jen at for their work on this video.

Hook: TMC 2457 #14 or #16
Rib: Vinyl D Rib Nymph or Midge
Dubbing: Lifecycle Caddis Green.
Throat: Partridge.
Collar: Ice Dub Peacock Black