Spring Renewal Underway

The two sides of Gabe Levin _ rocking our new Howler Bros line of clothing & hats

WE ARE two weeks before the official start of Spring and already there is the annual scent of renewal in the air.

Snow on the ground hasn’t slowed up the procession of Fedex and UPS trucks lining up at our front door, wheeling or lugging in cartons for the new season. We have lined up a bunch of new product from our old friends at Simms, Sage, Fishpond, Rio and Orvis, plus some new players like the Howler Bros clothing line we were playing around with yesterday.

Howler is an Austin, Tx based sportwear company who enjoy fly fishing, surfing skating and a whole bunch more, most of the crew are pretty hand musically speaking as well, and they have been making waves in fly shops all across the country.

The Gaucho shirt Gabe is wearing on the left is a statement maker _ for when you really don’t want to be looking like every other fly fisher on the river, and the Pescadero on the right makes a more subtle statement. They really do have some nice techy features and sharp design as well as looking the goods. Shop our first items from the Howler line here.

Fishpond also introduced a couple of cool items of clothing in addition to their great packs, vests and luggage. Chad and I were grabbing handfuls of the new short sleeve Drake Shirt a few minutes ago and we are both going to be wearing these this summer when the heat gets really intense. It feels as good as anything in the shop and so light and cool.

I also spent late summer wearing around a sample pair of the Fishpond River shorts and I will say these are freaking awesome. They have the surf short style, and I’ve worn a few pairs of boardies in my day, and these feel really good. II ‘m not sure I’ve had another pair of shorts I’ve had people wanting to buy so much ever.

They must have some serious mojo too as we scored some awesome hopper browns while wearing them too.

The majority of our Simms clothing is shipping today, but we already have racked out the new line of Simms packs, plus the G3 and Vapor boots. Our wader and boots line is second to none, with some extra effort going into expanding our size ranges. But more on that when the new clothing lands.

Its going to be a fun month with plenty more to come