Arkansas Life on The White River system


I REALLY thought my first shot at being a “super-model” for a magazine cover would have been more glamorous.

Crawling out of bed at the crack of dawn and 7 degrees, plus plenty of windchill as the White River shivered under the polar vortex or Snowmageddon ‘14, wasn’t in my pre-shoot fantasies. Neither Kate Upton nor Miranda Kerr was anywhere to be seen.

Neither was there a pimped out Motor Home, laden with fine food and beverages. Nope: just jumping back in the everyday Fishmobile cranking up the heater and slamming coffee, while holding your fingers over the airvents was about as good as it got.

I’m not sure how many hundreds of casts I made for the cameras, but I probably spent as much time trying to clear the guides of ice _

But you know I’d have been way less comfortable and it might have been way less fun in fantasy land.

Arkansas Life had approached me to be part of their annual “50 Reasons To Love Our State” issue, and somehow I ended up on the cover and writing my own article inside too.

The mag sent the guys from Hatch and Mass Collective in Fayetteville over to do the shoot, and we actually had a pretty good time _ though I know I was pretty well geared to stand it in my regular winter Simms kit, the guys not so much.

They did an  awesome job making me look presentable, back in my own mainstream media days I always said I had a great head for radio, so it was a big ask. Worse still when we all ended up with pinched frozen faces, grimacing against the windchill, and the ever present red and drippy noses.

A big thanks to Hatch and Mass and Arkansas Life for making it happen _ I’ve had a bunch of comments via social media and in the shop. You can find the electronic version here or dash out to good magazine outlets in Arkansas to get a real copy.