Dry Run Creek


Time’s ticking down for Scott Kennedy, a very fishy cat I bumped into on Dry Run Creek, a couple of years back. He wasn’t hard to pick out at first, he was the only kid pitching a mouse with a sweet casting stroke, and later I helped him with some images of a trophy trout he caught.

Last year he was back on the blog with a 27” rainbow out of the Norfork. Well, with his Dry Run Creek days ticking away, what better way to capture the memories than a film. Typically for this guy his email was incredibly polite.

Hey Mr. Dally,

Its Scott Kennedy from Jackson, Ms. Im the kid who you featured in your blog about that bow from the Norfork. I just got back from fishing Arkansas and made this video about Dry Run. Its long but I thought you might enjoy it since there aren’t many videos about the creek.


Hope you like it,

Scott Kennedy

I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did. THanks Scott see you soon mate.