Duane Hada’s Creek Crawler _ Dally’s White River Fly Tying Videos


THERE has been plenty of demand to get this fly up on our tying series, Duane Hada’s killer Creek Crawler as tied by Ben Levin.

Ben of course has been Duane’s smallmouth protégé, living on Crooked Creek gave plenty of opportunity for research, and he had an important role in the development of this pattern, which flat out works where ever smallies are found.

This fly really  gets down fast, with heavy lead eyes and unlike many patterns claws which don’t float, and even better rides hook point up _ pretty important when you are hopping it over a river bottom like a real crawdad.

Smallmouth season is coming fast, and our smallie guides Duane, Ben & Chad will book up fast Call the shop if you would like them to introduce you to the creek 870 435 6166. This fly is a little time consuming so if you decide not to tie it you can buy the Creek Crawler here _ Tan and Olive are the primary colors for the Ozarks.