Mitch hangs a 2-Footer

Guide Ben Levin and Mitch Bangert with 25″ of White River brown trout today

The Levin brothers are lighting it up so far in streamer season with Ben, the elder one, putting Mitch Bangert from Wyoming on a fine 25″ brown yesterday.

Mitch is a good buddy of Dally’s partner Jim Dugan _ Jim and Brenda have fished with Mitch in Saratoga Wyoming for several years _ and he had been wanted to get Mitch down and into some Ozark browns. Well yesterday it happened on a tough bluebird sky day and with not a lot of flow, so a 25″ brown was particularly commendable and earns the third 24″ club sticker of the season.

Younger Levin brother Gabe of course rowed Blane Chocklett to a thumping 27″ Friday. Toss in Alex Lafkas’s fly fishers picking up a 25″ on Friday and you can see our predictions of the big brown trout bite getting underway were pretty good. There’s a lot of good streamer fishing to come, and the crew still have some limited open dates. Call the shop on 870 435 6166 to get in on the fun.