Streamer Week Fly Fishing Report _ January 30

Ben Levin with the brown trout of the week so far a 23” Wednesday _ Ben Levin pic

IT’S BEEN A COLD HARD WEEK out there ahead of our STREAMER LOVEFEST Saturday night, but there’s some buttery White River goodness starting to go.

Ben Levin has the fish of the week so far at 23” but Blane Chocklett got a good look at at 8 to 10 pounder on a Game Changer streamer this morning, before it peeled off for the deep.

The big fish really are starting to show up this week right on time, and its only a matter of staying connected to the first one.

Warming temperature are starting to show up though, before Sunday’s drop and the big question for the weekend is how much water will be delivered. Last weekend’ minimum flow is certainly possible.

But if you are a streamer addict there’s plenty to keep you entertained. We still have 2 more seats left for Blane Chockett’s Tying Class Saturday, presented by TFO Rods, Umpqua Feather Merchants and

Blane is sitting alongside me crafting up some seriously fishy troutsized bucktail Game Changers. I kind you not this fly has come out of the vise today _ had a test swim and it is crazy cool.

Chad, Ben and I have been ogling it, trying to extract it from Blane _ everyone in the class I going to have a leg up on a fly with wicked action that no trout have yet seen.

Call the shop tomorrow on 870 435 6166 if you want in.

Matt Tucker and crew will be headed down from St Louis laden with a monster smoker, and pound of pork and chicken to feed the masses. Tyers Willen and Franzen landed from Tennesse tonight, Jeff Trigg and Brian Wise are coming down from Missouri and then there is Mr Chocklett and the Game changer plus our local crew Chad Johnson, Alex Lafkas, Ben Levin and Steve Dally.

Its going to be a heck of a night and a heck of a way to kick off the finest streamer fishing month on the best river, anywhere in the country.

Jerrod Thomas with a fine 21” brown earlier this week

You know its cold when your net’s hard first thing in the morning