Chad’s Articulated White River Deceiver _ Tying Video


THE Double Deceiver style of streamer has become the standard by which other White River streamers are judged. Its surprisingly light to cast, has great action, and flat out gets fish.

Chad Johnson’s tie is about as good as it gets, and his Deceiver is our latest in our fly tying video series.

The video work of course is by our friend Brian and Jennifer Wise from Fly Fishing the Ozarks. You can get to meet the pair, and watch Brian tie at our Streamer Lovefest on February 1.







Rear Hook: Gamakatsu 38113 Worm Hook 3/0
Tail: Whiting American Hackle Yellow
Body: Bucktail Yellow & Olive
Articulation: 50lb mono & Beads
Front Hook: Gamakatsu 38113 Worm Hook 3/0
Lead Wire .030
Body: Bucktail Yellow, Olive
Flash: Pearl Flashabou
Cheeks Bucktail Orange
Eyes: Hareline Oval Pupil 3D Eyes Pearl/Black 3/8″