The ultra-light brand new Vapor Boot

WE are super excited about the new Simms Vapor Boot which landed this morning, and we think y’all will be too.

We have been predicting big things for this ultra-light boot since we saw it unveiling in Vegas in July. Pretty much everyone appreciates lighter footwear but the Vapor takes it into a new level. Probab;ly the best way to describe the Vapor would be to compare it to a basketball boot.

For a long time we have said you can have ultra-light boots or you can have durable boots but you can’t have both. My wader closet is littered with attempts by Simms and a variety of other companies. Probably the Simms L2 boots were the toughest of all but I won’t mention the names of two brands, which used to be sold out of our predecessor the Mountain River Fly Shop, one pair of which only lasted weeks and they were the replacement for the first pair that fell apart.

There has been a lot of smart design go into the Vapor for fit, comfort and light weight. I’m particularly like the big toe guard, to protect one of the major wear points.

The redesigned women’s longsleeve Solarflex crew is also going to be a huge hit. We threw a picture of the new shirts up onto the web from Vegas and were inundated with responses.

Very technical with 50 UPF sun protection rating, a super soft feel, highly wicking (the latter two qualities making this an awesome winter layering piece) and a very feminine style.


The crew at the shop have also been digging the redesigned Simms G3 waders, which have a much cleaner look and more importantly the addition of the 25% more breathable GoreTex Pro Shell.

The G3 has been the workhorse wader for years as the right combination of price and performance for our waters _ if you fish more than 30 days a year.

The 5-layer ProShell will handle all the bumps and scrapes you can dish out. I really dig the new look with the handwarmer tucked away inside the wader rather than mounted on the front. The inside tool pocket is also removable with a zipper.

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