Winter Fun




IT’S OFTEN said that if you get into the fly shop business to fish more you will be sadly mistaken. Being in a fly shop just means you get to live fly fishing 24/7 , and most often you get to fish vicariously through others.

We have managed to put together a crew who gets it, even though we do fish plenty, we all seriously dig the exploits of “the family” whatever river lake ocean or puddle they are on. Getting messages, like the ones I had from Richard Newberry about a trip to the Lower Mountain Fork, make our week.

Lower Mountain Fork!! 4wt!!! 18 rainbow warrior !! Thank you!!

You da man!! Will be at the White as soon as possible and in your shop….. all pictures are of guys that have been in your shop….. you the freaking lucky charm!!

All of which had me rolling on the floor, I’ve been called a few things this year for the first time this year, diminutive for one and in Gray’s Sporting Journal no less, and hilariously “ a crackhead Tasmanian” when I was moving around too much  and too fast while filming our tying videos and a number of things not polite enough for even this Journal _ but lucky charm appealed to my sense of humor.

As long as Richard and his crew keep whacking fish _ heck yeh I’ll be a lucky charm.  Personally for a lucky charm, I’d prefer she and blue eyes blonde hair and a crazy sense of humor _ well heck I married her, so she’s off the board.

Thanks for the pics guys, and keep rocking the hat.