Dally’s Fly Fishing Report: 12-13-13

What happens when you go streamer fishing in a snowstorm _ Matt Tucker pic

SO what did y’all do last week in the Arkansas Snowpocalypse 2013.

If your week consisted of blundering from work to the house, with the odd stint of tying streamers, digging the drift boat out from under 8” of snow and 2” of ice interspersed with the odd zombie flick, then we were in the same mode.

Snow days are something to look forward to at the house, since The Bride will switch from our normal menu, into comfort food mode _ there’s something very decadent about biscuits and deer sausage gravy for dinner and may I have some more.

But you shouldn’t be surprised that there were some lunatics (our type of crazies) out on the water. Matt Tucker and some buds, plus Kurt Kopala from TightLoop.com and Jen Ripple from Dun Magazine slid into town from up North and floated from White Hole to Cotter Friday. Their intent was streamer fishing, and there was plenty of action on smaller browns but the toads didn’t want to play.

Bruce Petray slipped in from Florida, yep really, and popped a few fish wading around the Narrows. By the middle of the week we were seeing locals getting back onto the river, once the access roads cleared.

Mr Henry told us of whacking a bunch of fish around Wildcat which included a nice handful of brown trout.

Today’s forecast is a little patchy but nothing like last weekend. Pack plenty of layers, a good jacket and you can have plenty of fun. Gabe will have coffee will be on in the shop if you need to warm up.

And Speaking of Gabe: the silly beggar was out on Crooked Creek in a canoe no less _ well what else are you going to do when you can’t get out of the cabin.

WHITE RIVER: Water flows have been stepped up during the cold this week, with some real streamer water about. We have seen some big pushes first thing in the morning of 5 units, but back to a one and a half by the middle of the day. Afternoon flows have been a little longer in duration, so you have a longer period on higher flows.

Look at starting to bring out the bigger streamers, Tommy Lynch Double Ds, and Schmidt’s Double Deceivers. particularly on the overcast days. Back these up with Dungeon’s, 6” Deceivers, Voodoo Squatch’s, Red Octobers, Circus Peanut’s and Fatheads, plus a handful of Zoo Cougars and Swimming Jimmies.

It’s definitely time to start stocking up your streamer boxes.

On the nymphing front it’s a good time to fish deep egg/san juan combinations around flooded weed beds. Pink, Red and Brown San Juans.

On the lower middle of the day flows midges, perhaps run behind an egg, are a good choice. Try Ruby Midges, Wotton’s Whitetails and Super Midges. For bright sunny days keep some Rainbow Warriors or silver Super Midges handy.

Bugger fishers are still doing well fishing olive, black or white buggers.

NORFORK: The Norfork has been offering plenty of wading during the day after a breakfast time bump of water. With the White running some higher electricity flows its been attracting a plenty of attention

Buggers seems to be the most popular, basic olive, black and brown have been good.

Midges have been the first choice for most of our guides. Fish Ruby MIdges, Rootbeer Midges and Wotton’s super Midges. Run these behind a Clint’s Sunday Special or Hare’s Ear, or a Hunchback Scud in tan.

Soft hackles like Anna Ks and Tailwater Soft Hackles have been very good.